Before you come see us...

MedXPress form

Fill out your MedXPress form.  (click HERE) …this is the same as the old paper form.  

Read carefully the instructions…there are things you DON’T have to report, and things you MUST report.  


Should you have questions, call me before you finalize your application. (601) 668-6469

Display real testimonials

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Some “gotchas”

The question says “have you EVER had…”  Those are conditions, not doctor visits.  Yes, some seem silly, but we (the AME) has to review all of them.  The FAA does….so put down your surgery as a kid.

“Previously reported”

“Previously reported” is no longer something that the AME can put on the application (I know…there used to be a box for that…).  We, as AMEs, have to comment on each positive answer…so if you will put in your “explanation” box what the condition was, and approximate year, it helps a bunch.  The more remote the condition, the less important the year of occurrence is.

CACI condition

If you have a CACI condition  make sure you review the documentation/lab tests needed…if you have the required information, it allows us to issue “on the spot”.